Lydia Norris
Certified Hypnotherapist

Many people have misconceptions and fears about hypnosis. Part of my job is to let people know that hypnosis is a safe and natural state that they've already experienced thousands of times in their lives. Therapeutic hypnotherapy is quite distinct from stage hypnosis and images from books and movies. It is a serious scientific process that has been sanctioned by the American Medical Association since 1958.

I've always held a deep interest in psychology and human behavior. I'm fascinated with what motivates people and how we sabotage ourselves. My interest in this type of work-and a strong desire to help people--inspired me to pursue this work professionally.

I focus on the underlying causes of your problems, habits or fears and gently and efficiently guide clients to heal them from within.

Often these undesirable behaviors are serving a role in your life, whether it's comfort or protection, or perhaps it simply provides quick relief from boredom, frustration, or other unwanted feelings. Whatever the reason, if you try to change without addressing the root cause, the behavior will come back or will manifest in some other unwanted behavior.

The program involves an individualized approach tailored to the needs of each client. I let my clients know that through hypnosis we are able to figure out why we do what we do.

For an initial free consultation to explain the process and let you decide if this is for you, call 488-7109. The office is located at 2341/2 First Street.



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